Sunday, 29 July 2012

90: Seven

The girls wanted to wear matching costumes to the fancy dress ball. There were seven of them so surely they should be able to come up with something striking to wow the judges.

Even though none of them were especially tall, the beards were too itchy for them to go as Snow White's guardians.

They all liked history but building a costume made out of Chinese wall or Neolithic stones proved just too tricky (and too heavy).

Each had read Enid Blyton as a child but nobody was prepared to go as a boy named Colin.

Debbie couldn't stop rubbing her fingers al over the sumptuous red fabric of her slinky dress.

Penny wore a wipe-clean overall and helped herself to too much of everything on the buffet table.

Maria dressed in black from head to toe and slipped her hand into pockets and handbags collecting whatever of value she could find.

Tessa wore sweat pants and a t-shirt and laid her head down on the table for most of the evening.

Gemma wore a dress of violent hues and ran round shouting angrily at everyone she knew.

Becky wore a flowing green gown and stood to the side of groups as they chatted, wishing she could join in, share their food and be as beautiful as them.

Nicola wore clumpy shoes. She alternated being looking very pleased with herself, and tripping and landing on the floor.

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