Thursday, 26 July 2012

87: Four

Experimentation on humans reeks of Nazis, but we found a way nobody would care about. Those death row chemicals? They cause a suspended animation, if you will. Provided we get the body within 90 minutes, we go ahead. After that, we'll they'd be dead without us anyway.

Almost nobody knows we do it. Bungs to guards who think our chemicals just make it a more painful death ease our way in. Our doctors administer and record death, before shuttling the body to our labs. Exceptional salaries and an unshakeable belief in our research programme buys their loyalty.

Wouldn't you rather we try out the most extreme medical treatments on people who don't matter before on people who do? How do you think we learnt transplants work. And the first time those toxic cancer drugs worked? And brain surgery?

This lab is developing expanded heart capacity and one day we will cure heart disease. Those four chambers you have in your heart? Imagine you had six or eight. We could close off the clogged ones and give you years more.

Not for you? How about for your children then?

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