Sunday, 1 July 2012

62: Beginnings

‘In the beginning was the word and the word was...’ what? We invited our listeners to finish this sentence and this is what they said.

For around 50%, the word was ‘girl’ and for the remaining 50%,'boy’.

‘God’ was popular amongst the religious, ‘money’ amongst the bankers.

Athletes plumped for ‘go’ and the less-athletic for ‘wait’. Or maybe ‘weight’ – it’s hard to know with a phone-in.

‘Yes’ was popular, accompanied by punching the air (footballers), shaking hands (successful job applicants) and signing dotted lines (both aforementioned and more).

Learner drivers felt it was ‘passed’ and house buyers ‘exchanged’.

Owners of new puppies and kittens invariably voted ‘awwww’, although the length of the word varied with furriness levels.

‘I do’ was discounted on the grounds of containing two words. Had it been permitted, it would have been outright winner.

‘Mum’ or ‘Dad’ was popular with mums and/or dads.

A smiling ‘thanks’ surged amongst the older viewers, but too few of the younger ones chose it to make it a viable winner.

Surprisingly few chose ‘retire’, perhaps mirroring the uncertain economic times we live in.

Some chose ‘no’ but didn’t go into detail.

A third said it was ‘hello’ or ‘hi’.

Four people said it was ‘goodbye’.

One person said ‘sorry’.

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