Prompt Schedule

Just like the original flash365 I plan to concentrate on a prompt theme for each month.  Some of my months are the same as flash365some are similar and some very different.  The schedule for these is below, but the schedule could change if something exciting comes on the horizon.  If you have any ideas, then feel free to suggest prompt sources you would like to see me use.

May 2012
General Flash.
For the first month I just use general prompts, with no real theme.  Those will start properly next month.

June 2012
I'm going to use news feeds from the BBC but only the first 3 words.  There are some fabulous prompts emerging and I'll be using a selection as a starting point this month.

July 2012
General Flash
It's a busy old month so I'll be doing another general month, fitting around around our wedding.

August 2012
Nail It Down
flash365 used paint colours but this month I'll be using nail varnish names as prompts for my stories.  I don't have any particular brand in mind so I'll trawl Boots and Superdrug for inspiration.

September 2012
History Month
This month will see a different period of history used as the prompt each day.  No era is too old and no historical event is sacred!

October 2012
100 Books Everyone Should Read
Most of us have read a fair number of these 100 but I'll be using the titles of the books I haven't read - and some I have - as prompts for October.

November 2012
This month I am trying to combine flash365 with the annual NaNoWriMo challenge of writing 50,000 words in a month.  I'm will write 30 inter-connected stories, which I plan to use a basis for a NaNo-like piece of work.  It won't quite be a novel and 50,000 is too long for 30 flash fictions, but it'll be a good start and I will try to go on from there.

December 2012
Midsomer Murders & Dark Tales
All 30 stories this month will be inspired by titles of episodes from the TV series Midsomer Murders.  The stories may not be murderous but are likely to have a dark side this month.

January 2013
I have a son who utters the most incredible sentences, using words that really should never go together - like 'Charlie Manson' and 'cupcakes'.  This month, which sees him turn 17, will feature some of his best sayings.

February 2013
Flash, Bang Wallop. What a Picture!
A month of film titles as prompts, taking flash365 to Hollywood and back.  Exactly the same as last February, right down to hopefully the same list-compiler.  (Thanks to Mike Somers I hope.)

March 2013
Flash Ah ah...
I've changed this month to be song titles from the legendary group Queen.  So I'll be Under Pressure to come up with A Kind of Magic and to Flash - every day - on my Bicycle Race to the last month.

April 2013
General Flash.
To finish the year, I will return to using general ideas as and when they come.

And that's it. So, please send in your suggestions, and let's make this another project to remember.

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