Monday, 23 July 2012

84: One

I'm the last of my kind. They're all gone now, my little brother just joined them.

I can see him, all smashed and broken up, lying there on the street. Nobody's helping him. But probably it's too late anyway.

No wonder I'm feeling a little bit wobbly today then, is it? I know I'm going to end up the same way. It scares me, but being alone isn't much fun either.

Each time it happened, they said it was an accident. Sure, a few might be, but 99 of them? Never.

I know they'll do it to me too. The car park is just over the hill, so they'll do it soon. Make my accidental fall happen.

I start to fall and it's not so bad. It's almost fun, feeling the wind stroke my neck. Better than all that hanging about. Looking down I can see so much smashed glass, like a choppy green sea, and I dive in to join them.

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