Wednesday, 25 July 2012

86: Three

The finals would be under way by now. The men would be 'in the zone' as she'd heard them say so many times. Marty never managed to get in the zone let alone stay there.

She fingered the gold, running her thumb over the engraved rings and raised cycle wheels. Three of them lay on a velvet cloth, nap all laying in the same direction.

Marty paused, then grabbed the three purple cords, holding tight. She lifted them one by one over her head, their metal chiming as they bounced against her chest. She arranged them symmetrically, so it appeared as if two of the rings from the emblem on the flags were missing.

It didn't remind Marty so much of her own failed bid for inclusion in the British team, as that she had never had a letter answered on Jim'll Fix It and never had Jim hang his badge around her neck.

But she would have asked him to fix it for her to cycle for Great Britain in an Olympics anyway, so was it really that different?

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