Tuesday, 24 July 2012

85: Two

Yes, Tim and Tom are twins and yes, they do look a lot alike don't they. No, I don't dress them alike on purpose. They do that.

Yes, they do sometimes finish each other's sentences, so yes it does look like they know what the other is thinking. I think they plan it, though.

Yes, some twins do feel pain when the other is hurt. No, they never have. Except for that time when they both fell over in the snow, but you probably don't mean that.

Yes, they did both fancy a pair of twin girls once. Yes, that would have been a good wedding. No, it didn't last because they both fancied the same twin.

Really, some twins pretend to be each other? No their teachers have never sent a note home from school saying they'd tried that in an exam. No, I've never got them mixed up. No, not even as naked babies.

They do sometimes pretend to be the other pretending to be themselves, though.

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