Tuesday, 10 July 2012

71: Shades of Grey

Amanda arranged to meet her date in a wine bar and had a back-up plan with her best friend Meg, in case he was not what she was hoping for. Meg was to ring about an hour after they had met and depending on how it was going, Amanda would have a brief chat or make excuses to leave for an ill relative.

It was Andrew Grey's profile picture that attracted her, more than the city job, owning the boat or the promise of foreign travel. Of course, many of the men on the site were handsome, wealthy and eligible, but few posted a black and white photo, reminiscent of a 1940s film star. None entreated 'try your own 50 shades of grey.'

They shared a few cordial emails, finding out about each other and their likes and dislikes. Both enjoyed French cinema and good wine, but neither was fond of jazz or tabloid newspapers. Amanda didn't admit she was frightened of sailing, thinking she may never even need to explain if their first date didn't go well. And if it did, she'd worry about that later.

So she arranged to meet him, two attractive affluent young people having a drink in a popular bar. What could be more normal? Amanda arrived a few minutes late, glancing around to make sure she wasn't the first to arrive.

Then she saw him. Andrew looked just like his photo. He was very handsome, with glossy hair parted and waved perfectly. He wore a single-breasted suit, black, with a sharp white shirt and created tie. There was a definite gleam in his eye and he was in soft focus. He was also black and white in real life.

Amanda doubted she would last until Meg's phone call let alone her sailing confession when he turned to the side and she saw he was just 2 mm thick and made of Kodak paper.

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