Sunday, 22 July 2012

83: Glitch

Sarah and David planned on having two children, a boy and a girl, in that order.  They would have traditional names such as Emily and Charles and would be such poppets.  A succession of au pairs and nannies would look after them, taking them to baby yoga and playgroups populated with the children of footballers and classical musicians.

David would be ready for fatherhood once he had a board position, at least a Head of Division.  He expected that by age 32 at the latest.  Sarah would be ready for motherhood once she had become a partner in the agency and had at least one successful show in her portfolio.  32 was her anticipated age of accomplishment too.

Stomach flu caused Sarah to vomit for two days.  Her pill didn’t work and she fell pregnant after a night celebrating David winning his company a big contract.  They were both at least five years too young according to their plan.

David coped admirably and his colleagues commented how perfect it would be to add a small person to his already beautiful family.  He decided he would aim for HoD by 30 instead.

Sarah smiled a lot and talked about babies with everyone who wanted her to.  She told David yes, she was thrilled now it had settled in.  Yes, it would be an adjustment and yes, she was sure she would manage looking after a baby.  Yes, going part time would probably be a good idea and yes she could always resume her career when the children were at school.

Friends suggested using a pet name for the baby, until it was born.  Bump or bean.  David settled on Pickle.  Sarah chose Glitch.

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