Saturday, 7 July 2012

68: Night, Then

Jenny and Tom met in a sleep clinic.

Both had electrodes attached to important points on their heads, monitoring brain activity. Neither slept well, both sought relief. They talked about REM and non-REM over weak institutional tea, veneration clear in their voices. For them, naps and zeds as precious as jewels and gold coins to others.

The research project ended and a scientist in a white coat said they would need to analyze the results before making any real progress in the subject. But he would be sure to come back to them both as soon as there was anything to report.

Tom called at Jenny's flat one night with a bottle of wine. She cooked pasta, they drank and laughed and danced and put her bed to another use.

Next morning they both woke holding hands, love and devotion having accomplished what science and medicine had failed to achieve.

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