Sunday, 31 March 2013

335: Flash

I love how the breeze feels, that’s all.  The wind gently stirring blows my hair and I keep it long so it moves in even the slightest air movement.  Just before I go out I brush it to remove any knots and sometimes I like to run my fingers through it one extra time as I begin.

When the wind is fuller there is even more movement.  That’s the feeling I long for.  It’s like a cold lover’s hand stroking me, but everywhere at the same time.  One time it was so strong I could feel the movement against my thigh, like some sort of living windsock.  I thought it might flap back and forth but the wind would never blow like that under normal meteorological conditions.  Such a storm as would be necessary would have me scurrying for cover before the leaves started blowing off the trees.

It’s not a sexual thing, not for me anyway.  I don’t like being seen and I don’t have any kind of mac that I wear.  It started in my backyard when I was a child and at the beach too.  Pre-school, running about without clothing is considered perfectly fine.  As I grew older and my parents supplied me with three sisters, I was expected to cover up.  I visited the beach a lot and dropped my shorts when I was waist-high in water, but the feel of water wasn't the same.

I can sometimes get some sunbathing in when all the family are out for the day but I’ve had a few too many close calls with the neighbours.  So I have a few favourite places in the New Forest I like to go.  I wear no pants and joggers what can slide down quickly, and take advantage of the time I can get.  It’s mostly at night but every so often I treat myself to the daytime.  Then the breeze is warm and I can feel the sun and the wind together.  I lose myself in the feeling.

I always go at least 20 minutes walk off the main paths, but I might be down near the creek so don’t walk that way if you don’t want to see me.  This is for me, not for you.

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