Wednesday, 6 March 2013

310: Don’t Stop Me Now

I want to feel like I’m flying.  I want the wind to ruffle my hair and make my eyes stream.  I want the view and the quiet from up high.  I want to gulp cold until my chest hurts.  I want to feel my adrenaline pump.  I want to take off my ratty jacket and leave it here before I go.  I want to find the right words to say.  I want to be sure I’m alone.  I want the time to do it my own way.  I want the strength.  I want the peace.  I want them to understand.  I want to be blamed.  I want to feel better on the way down, even for the shortest while.  I want to scream and I want to cry.  I want to start screaming and crying years ago.  I want to blame.  I want it not to be too late.  I want to be sorry.  I want it to stop.

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