Sunday, 17 March 2013

321: You’re My Best Friend

Did you know?  I leave you messages and presents sometimes, but I never know if you realize they are from me.  I take such care choosing what I leave you, I do so want them to be right.

The notes, they are all from me.  My writing isn't the best so I thought I’d use letters from newspapers.  I believe in recycling, as you do, as whenever I can I use the papers you have discarded.  I like to think you’ll recognize the typeset and the print.

I left the flowers too.  I usually pick some when I’m walking through the streets when I can’t sleep but you have already turned out your light.  The house at number 42 had some lovely blooms but they’ve run out now.  Did you like the patterns I made with the petals?  I waited until I saw the lights come back on, first in your bedroom then in the kitchen, before I laid them out on your lawn this morning.

Did you like the chocolates?  I made them myself, just for you.  You didn’t share them with anyone I hope.  They are my gift to you, not to her or to your family or to your so-called friends.  Just you.  I put something special in to zing up the taste, I hope you noticed.  Another little thing from me to you.

I wish you wouldn’t ignore me as you pass by.  It hurts, you know?  I forgive you and I know it’s only for appearances’ sake, but an occasional kind word or friendly gesture would go a long way.  She probably wouldn’t like it I suppose, but it’ll be our secret.  I won’t tell and I know it’s what you want too.

I’ll always be there for you, waiting, in case you need me.  Look for me and you’ll see me.  I’m always there.

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