Monday, 18 March 2013

322: We Will Rock You

We will rock you, we just need to whip up a batch of cakes.  Afterwards you can lick out the bowl.
We will rock you, so you can climb as high as a hill and see the whole of your life laid out in front of you.  Behind the ridge will be your past.
We will rock you, do you have your own band?  If you bring the mike we’ll bring the drums and the bass.  It’s on Wii.
We will rock you, and it will say ‘Margate’ all the way through in bright red letters.  Sorry, it’s fruit flavoured, hope that’s OK.
We will rock you, on the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar.  We have no plans to open the border on the Spanish side.
We will rock you, all round the garden.  We find heather and rugged plants grow there best and it’s a good way to protect exposed areas against soil erosion.
We will rock you, but technically it might be a big stone.
We will rock you, and/or roll you.  Musically speaking, of course.
We will rock you, when you reach as low as you can get.  The bottom really is the worst and on the positive side, it can only get better from there.
We will Rock you, then help you plan for your career in action movies and kids films.  Two questions first, though.  Do you mind scorpions and what do you think of the name Dwayne?
We will rock you, and we will paper you, and we will scissors you, and we will lizard you, and we will Spock you.

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