Friday, 8 March 2013

312: Seven Seas of Rhye

- It’s my island and I can make the rules up.  If you want to be in charge of something, make your own place up.
- But Fred.  You never play fair.  I helped you make it up.
- Yeah but I named it.  That makes me the one who made it up most and makes me in charge.  Makes me the king.  I’m the King of Rhye.
- Can I be queen then?  Please?  I could make up some of the rules, the ones the king couldn’t be  bothered with.
- There will still be seven seas.  Always seven.
- That’s stupid though.  Surely an island can only be in one sea.  How can it even be in seven seas?  How would anyone know where each one started and stopped?
- They just do know.  The king tells them where the seas are and then the navy goes out in a big ship and and find them and makes a map that shows all of the seas.  Then it’s proved and there are seven.  Like I said.
- Just proves you don’t know anything about geography.
- Kings don’t need to.  They only need to know about king stuff.  Like making up rules.  And telling their little sisters when it’s time for bed.
- I hate you Fred.  I’m going to tell Mum.
- No.  Ok you can be queen.  But an evil goblin has put a spell on you.  I, the King of Rhye, will sail the Seven Seas of Rhye until I find a way to break the spell.
- But...
- Don’t speak.  It’s a spell of silence.  You wait here, in the Tower.  I’ll be back, one day soon.

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