Thursday, 21 March 2013

325: See What a Fool I’ve Been

Rose was sure Gerald would be so proud of her.  She had taken their modest savings and turned them into enough for the retirement they both deserved.  Well, they would soon be enough for their retirement, as soon as the cheque arrived.  That would be any day now.  And then she could tell him.

She knew there were all kinds of scams out there in the digital ether and that’s what made this such a find.  Rose could so easily have ignored the email and missed out on the chance of a lifetime.  The word ‘Nigeria’ in the text had her reaching for the delete key but this wasn’t lost lottery tickets or displaced royals needing help or even a chance to invest in a property boom.  No, it was a real human story.  Rose would help someone and earn their enriched dotage in one.

Kemi told her that her brother Emmanuel had inherited money in a bank account but he couldn’t get at it.  It was a substantial sum, into millions she said, but without some money to travel to the bank and prove his identity, he would never claim it.  All he needed was a few thousand pounds for his travel and accommodation in the city.  If Rose could find a way to send the money to Kemi, Emmanuel would be prepared to share one third of the inheritance with her.  One third.

So any day now, that small loan to a man in a country far away from Leicester, would pay dividends.  Soon Rose could show Gerald she was every bit as clever as him.  And she had done it without his help.  Oh, the look on his face when she told him.  Rose savoured the thought of it and waited for the postman to arrive.  He was usually here before half past and maybe today he would have the cheque with him.  Rose hugged herself and looked out of the window so she could see when he came up the garden path.

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