Thursday, 14 March 2013

318: A Kind of Magic

Michael was the most perfect boyfriend.  He always knew just the right thing to say or do, how to cheer Penny up if she was down and to make her laugh when she was tired.  She still couldn’t quite believe after three months, that he was all hers.

He’d been the new guy at the office and Penny fancied him from the first day.  Michael was so gorgeous that most of the girls in Marketing fancied him and Penny didn’t think she stood a chance against such fierce competition.  Then one day he came in after lunch and handed her a skinny hazelnut latte from her favourite coffee shop.

He was sweet and attentive and had her best interests at heart, he said.  He only wanted what she wanted for herself.  What he said she deserved.  He was right, perhaps she did look a little tarty in pillar box red and she did find cork wedges hard to walk in.  Michael helped her realize she wasn’t quite ready for promotion yet, without her even needing to talk to him about it.

Sometimes it was like he could read her mind and see into her innermost thoughts and hopes and dreams.  He would suggest things she wouldn’t discuss with anyone but her very closest girlfriends.  Michael made her blush and thrill in equal parts.

She was too happy to worry that the odd pair of knickers disappeared from the washing line.  Or to notice the static tone that sometimes flicked across her laptop screen.  Or to wonder why some pieces of mail never made it to her pigeonhole.  And surely that dark dot on the wall of the bedroom had always been there.

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