Monday, 25 March 2013

329: Save Me

The appeals are the worst bit.  We used to be friends until the Game turned us against each other.  Now I look for reasons for them to sacrifice my friends instead of me.  Each of us wants to be the last one remaining because only the last one of us will be saved.

We thought it would be fun and we had no idea it was real.  Reality TV somehow leached out of the TV and into real life.  Is that art imitating life or life imitating art?  Reality-based living, all the rage these days apparently.  Self-selecting groups only, for those with more money than sense and strictly only for those with a heightened sense of entitlement.

I couldn’t think of any reason why I should be saved, other than the usual that I want to live.  I said I want to sneak under the cordon at Stonehenge and rub the stones to touch the past.  I said I want to keep bees and watch them turn pollen into honey that would last as long as a pyramid would stand.  I said I want to grow another person inside of me and feel them ripen as my belly tightened.  I said I want to know and to feel and to be.

I said I wouldn't say why another living being should die instead of me because they all should live too.  If one of us must be chosen to live, let it be for reasons of why we should live and not why another should not.

Would I stand more of a chance if art is imitating life or if life is imitating art?

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