Tuesday, 5 March 2013

309: Killer Queen

Mara knew it was easy.  “You just put your lips together, and blow.”  And she had done so, many times in her life, always with the same accuracy, same effect.She was feared throughout the region with a reputation of being more deadly than all the best male warriors.  

Women rarely achieved her level of expertise but as Queen she knew her job included being the best at defending her people.  Her warriors, men and women alike, would stand shoulders touching as a protective barrier against intruders.  Each would die to protect her if necessary.  But they did so knowing she had to be saved, because she alone would be able to stop forces attacking their families and their lands should they breached the barrier.

Mara alone knew the recipe for the royal venom mix used to tip her blowdarts.  When her child was old enough to learn the skills, she would teach him how to mix and blend, which creatures to milk and which plants to harvest.  Deadly accuracy was only truly deadly with the correct poison.

It wasn’t really that easy.  It was so much more than just blowing.

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