Wednesday, 23 January 2013

268: The Innocent Are Allowed to Throw a Tiger At the Other

OK, so that sounds all well and good but a few definitions or explanations about quite what it means might be useful in future.  Is that too much to ask?  I don’t even know where to start with what’s wrong here.

Firstly, what is ‘innocent’ in this context?  It’s not always going to be the same is it.  Some people will be more innocent than others, if you know what I mean.  More innocent in the way that people who know people or who have money or who are plain just more lucky.  Or could it be that there just isn’t any evidence to show they aren’t innocent?  And innocent to whose standards?  Who decides if someone is innocent or not and how? 

Mikey is more innocent like that.  He’s more innocent and more lucky and he knows people who make evidence luckily go missing.  Like those photos from the party where he had some wacky backy and he didn’t want his dad to know as he’d cut off his allowance like he threatened.  That kind of innocent.

Secondly, there’s ‘the other’ which could do to be explained.  What if other is actually others?  Is just one person to be designated as ‘the other’ or could there be more than one?  Maybe there should be two or three or four even.  A whole crowd of others, all of whom don’t deserve the tag of innocent.  The guilty presumably, at least by inference.  Less innocent just doesn’t sound as bad.

Here the other would be me.  I don’t think it should be me, but then being ‘other’ has historically stripped people of their rights and labelled them.  We stand out, we others, we have a mark against our names.  In this case Mikey is innocent, his mates are all untouchable and I’m the other.  They all said it was mine and yes, some of it was mine.  But not all of it and it wasn’t me who brought it to the party.  Mikey is the one with the contact and the one with the money to buy it and sell it on to us.  I can barely afford stuff for myself, let alone to finance the dealing they now think I do.

And this tiger throwing, what’s that all about?  Is it a real tiger because if not I want to know what it is.  No, wait.  If it is a real tiger, I want to know where it’s from and why is it suitable punishment.  And how big it is.  Plus has it eaten, that’s a biggie.  You can’t go round throwing wild animals at people just because you think they did something that someone else didn’t.  I didn’t do this thing either, so can I chuck maybe a gorilla at Mikey?  That would be fairer, some kind of animal basketball tournament thingy.

God, what am I saying?  I didn’t bring the drugs, I’m not an oddball like they think, so what if I’m not cool and rich and well connected like Mikey and I don’t like cats, not even domestic ones.  He won’t be able to hit me if I’m running, will he.  Promise if Mikey misses, the tiger isn’t allowed to run after me.

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