Monday, 14 January 2013

259: Iron Man Rusts

Everything is worse than it used to be. 

Green has disappeared in tranches, replaced by grey and painted lines and squat and bricks and ugly and tall.  As far as the eye can see means the end of the street instead of miles away where the horizon begins to curve.  And there are people, too many people.  They were never together in such big numbers.

Money doesn’t go anywhere near as far.  A family house used to cost the same as a family shop does now.  A family car costs what fifty family houses used to.  Nobody can afford a family house now.  But a family might be one or two or three or four or back to three so what is a family house anyway?  And what is a house?  What is a family?

Music is rubbish now.  Television is rubbish now.  Loyalty is rubbish now.  Faith is rubbish now.  Love is rubbish now, sometimes.  Greed is good.  Selfishness is good.  Bullying is good, sometimes.  I is better than we.  We are better than them.  I am better than you.

Food was better.  Life was better.  Friends were better.  The view was better.  Neighbours were better.  War was better.  Cities were cleaner.  Children were politer.  Clothes were smarter.  Exams were harder and more meaningful.  Cheeks were rosier.  Birds chirped more and lambs skipped more.  Summers were sunnier, winters were snowier and everything was more golden.

Perhaps the weather says it best.  It rains more, so much wetness that even Iron Man rusts.

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