Monday, 7 January 2013

252: Roy Gets Mauled

German boys turned American superstars Siegfried and Roy, made a special appearance today at the legendary Oktoberfest.  The boys, for once without their trademark white tigers, were celebrity guests at the annual festival in the home-country they left over fifty years ago.

Known for their spectacular magic shows and wonderful relationships with beautiful big cats, the duo performed hundred of shows in Las Vegas to packed-out houses nightly.  But they are still down-to-earth enough to visit this famous beer festival and mingle with fans of beer and magic in Bavaria for the 11 day festival.

We tried to arrange an interview with the pair and met them wandering from tent to tent, sampling beers, cheeses and bratwurst as they go.  Siegfried, wobbling slightly, commented on the excellent cost of the beer saying, “You couldn’t get a bottle of fuck all for that much in Las Vegas,” whilst Roy tumbled face first into a tray of sauerkraut, clutching a stoneware tankard, snarling and growling as he fell.

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