Saturday, 5 January 2013

250: Playing Tactically

Sisters are always close.  When one starts dating and has a serious boyfriend, the other will be happy for her.  She will sit on the half-way stair, peeking through the banisters as her sister dances in, bursting with excited chatter about the evening just past.  Then she will motion her upstairs and sit cross-legged on her bed listening to the he-said-I-said recounting.

She will be reassuring that he didn’t mean anything by this and yes, it’s a good sign he’s saying that.  She will help dissect every look and every touch, assigning meaning where perhaps none exists or dismissing that which worries her happy sibling.

She will be glad to offer grooming tips and magazine how-to-keep-your-man advice to keep her sister in a state of bliss.  She will lend her newest frock, her treasured shoes, that perfect bag to complete the ensemble most likely to keep his heart thumping with love and desire and lust and affection.

Her sister’s happiness will make her happy and she will only ever set out to destroy that happiness if she truly loves him more.

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