Saturday, 19 January 2013

264: Me and ZubZub Wanted to Know

Why doesn’t anyone believe me?  We never meant any harm, we just wanted to know what would happen.  OK so it was stupid and maybe we should have known better but it’s too late now.  We did it and I’m trying to tell you why.

He was just lying there, beside the path as we walked home.  I think I’d seen him around the town sometimes, in that smelly coat and his hair all matted.  He stunk of drink almost as much as he did of sweat and dirt.  I don’t know where he’d get it from because most of the shops round here don’t let you in if you look even a bit dodgy.  And pubs are too expensive if all you want is to get wankered.

So, there he was, lying there on the grass and I just thought he’d been drinking again.  I never thought he might have been hurt or we’d never have done it.  ZubZub was up for getting right stuck in but I held him back.  It was meant to be a joke not an assault.  If he’d have died I’d never hear the end of it off me mum.

I kicked him first, not a kicking like, but with my toe.  He groaned so I knew he was alive.  He swore at me I think.  I couldn’t understand his slurred words but I think he said ‘Off’ so what else would it be.  That’s what made me join in.  I was just going to get ZubZub to do it but he wound me up so I did it too.

We did it round the back but ZubZub was on his head and that must have brought him round a bit.  And he rolled over.  Right into the stream of piss, right in his face.  I never knew he’d been beaten up, honest.  It wasn’t me and that wasn’t my finale as you put it.  I’d have left him and gone for a copper or a doctor or something.  And I wasn’t wearing boots like the mark on his chest.  They were Nikes, size 7, and those have to be at least 9 or 10.

And if me and ZubZub did it, he’d have teeth marks on him wouldn’t he.  My dog can do much more than piss on command.

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