Tuesday, 23 April 2013

358: Among the Gravestones

Jimmy thought it would be romantic if we walked home through the cemetery after the pictures had finished.  He said he’d hold my hand and make sure I was safe.  “Don’t tell Father though,” he said.  He knew Father wouldn’t like it at all.

The cemetery isn't even on the way home from the pictures, not really.  We saw Audrey Hepburn’s new film, Roman Holiday.  She’s so beautiful and graceful and as we tried to make out the names through 100 years of lichen, Jimmy said I looked just like her in the dusk light.

Jimmy pulled at my hand and led me towards a monument of an angel.  “Let’s sit on the steps,” he said.  He sat close to me and slipped his arm around my shoulders.  We watched as the stars begin to sparkle in the sky and the moon threw night-shadows from the gravestones.  I felt my Gregory Peck allow the tips of his fingers graze my breast.

“Father will be worrying,” I said.  We stood and walked to the gate, this time a little further apart, and left the angel to cast her shadows unseen.

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