Friday, 19 April 2013

354: Safe Talking

In readiness for visiting Helena, I have prepared a list of subjects to talk about.  

The cat from number 17 went missing for five days and when it came home it was missing a clump of fur from its trousers and its tail was up to an inch longer.  Derek at the shop rang and asked if he could take cuttings from your desk plant and could Simon have the baby spider plants off the leaves as some swing in the breeze when the door is open.  Supermarket delivery came on time again this week.  The library has the second part of the trilogy in but it’s already reserved for about six weeks, so I’ll bring it in then.  The garden’s budding now and I’ve moved the tubs out of the conservatory at last.

I have also prepared a list of subjects to avoid talking about.  I’ve shut up the front room and mostly live out of the other room now, to save on heating the rest of the place.  The girls are worried about whether I’m eating OK.  Half the time I’m not even hungry anyway and it seems a shame to dirty a pan for one.  It was Carl who delivered the shopping again this week and he asked after you.  He said will you ever be coming home.  The dog misses you and knows something’s up.  And so do I Helena.  So do I.

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