Tuesday, 2 April 2013

337: Chance of a Lifetime

Donald loved Becky, despite their differences.  He thought maybe he loved her because of their differences.  Both sets of parents silently disapproved and tried to convince their offspring there were many more fishes and pebbles out there, most of them more fitting to the seas and shores they each came from.

But Donald and Becky didn't care what they thought.  So what if the difference in status between an East End stall and The Marketing Co. was substantial?  Who cared that their salaries differed considerably?  Why was a University of London education any better than one from the University of Life?

However much Becky protested it didn't bother her what he sounded like or what he wore when they dated, Donald still wanted to make an extra effort for her sometimes.  When they had been together for two years he proposed to her and they planned a wedding for the following Spring.

Donald thought about all the ways he could show Becky and her family how much she meant to him.  He thought about having a special costume made but decided all that white would detract from his beautiful bride.  He wondered about a themed wedding with everyone taking a part but he knew Becky would be unlike to cede control of anything but the honeymoon.  He asked the vicar about specially written wedding vows but he said no, the marriage wouldn't be legal without the proper English terminology.  Donald settled on making his speech perfect instead.

“My lovely bag for life Becky, how happy this Otis Redding has made me today.  You are the most beautiful gooseberry puddin’  I’ve ever set my mincers on and that you agreed to be my Duchess of Fife amazes me.  I rubber glove you, push and shove you and want you in my Nelly forever.  As we share our gates of Rome and hopefully one day have Rug Rats, I know I want to be with you for donkey’s ears until we’re both Hovis brown bread.  Mr Skinner, Tom Hanks for letting me marry your bricks and mortar and I promise to look after her forever, I’m no Ricki Lake.  So everyone enjoy the Moriarty, don’t have too much Uri Gella and have a good old Jack Palance.”

He couldn't wait to see Becky’s face.

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