Thursday, 4 April 2013

339: The Ultimate Birthday

Cassie pulled off the wrapping paper and opened the box.  “Wow.  Thanks.  I can’t believe you really got me one.”

Her Dad shrugged, “Hey, nothing is too much for my little girl.  You said all your friends have one and I’ve seen Becca and Sara with them when they call round.  I don’t want my angel being the only girl without one.”  He stood and crossed the room to her.  “I would never have got through the last couple of years without you, Cass.  Your Mum would be so proud of you and I wanted to let you know I am too.  Look at how you take care of the twins and help me around this place.”  He bent and kissed the top of her head.  


“Please,” nodded Cassie.

“Go on, have a look at it,” said her Dad as he headed to the kitchen.

Cassie removed the tablet from the box.  She could tell from scratches to the case and the slight greying of the colour that it was second hand.  It came in a sturdy cardboard box instead of a branded one and the screen protector had bubbles wrinkling its surface.  Her friends had what, generation 4 now.  This was probably a 2, which they had in year 8 or 9.  It had no case, which she’d need to get before she could take it anywhere.  That would take all of April’s pocket money and probably May’s too.

She turned it on and checked the homescreen to see what was loaded on it already.  As she was flicking through images and apps, her Dad backed in through the door, a mug of coffee in each hand.  “So, what do you think?”

Cassie looked at him and could see he looked a little nervous, like he half expected her to tantrum that it wasn’t new or the latest model and that her friends would all laugh she had second best again.

But she didn’t have second best.  She had the best Dad who cared more about his family than replacing the work shoes she knew were starting to wear thin or joining the few friends he had in the pub at night because he knew his children still had nightmares sometimes.

Cassie smiled up at him.  “It’s perfect, Dad.  Thank you so much.  I love you and I think Mum would have been so proud of you too.  Want to help me find a drawing app for the twins?  I think I know one they’ll love.”

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