Sunday, 24 June 2012

55: Real Temptation

Wanted: men and women for all new reality show.  Nudity may be required at times.  Must be willing to follow rules without question.  Would suit couples but individuals also considered.  Experience of outdoor pursuits an advantage.

“Do you think we’ll get many applicants?”

“There’ll be plenty.  The question will be how many want to take part when they realize what we have planned.  It’s not the sort of show to springboard you into celebrity as so many youngsters seem to dream of these days.”

“Will we run with just one pair then?  And a backup pair I guess.”

“I thought we could have several couples, each in a different garden.  They won’t know about each other and whoever last the longest, wins.”

“So will they have tasks to do each week and be voted off by the public then?”

“There will be just one task for the entire duration, identical for each couple.  Resist temptation.  Simple as that.”

“Will the pressure mount every so often then?  Or do the public vote on what new temptations to add in?  
Maybe when a couple fails, the temptation for all of those left could be increased.  How about that?”

“I think it would be more effective just to have one temptation and see how long they can hold out for, don’t you?”

“I can’t really see it as a money-spinner to be really honest.  If we want a big audience, we need a reason for them to tune in.  They want to be part of things, feel like they are having a say in what happens.  Without that we won’t get sponsorship and then we can’t afford to air the show at all.”

“This isn’t about money, it’s about increasing followers.  Our slot on the channel has been assured and we won’t be expected to generate money, although that may happen too of course.  Some of our followers give very generously every week.  I’ve also arranged a special advertising strategy.  Every Sunday and in every parish newsletter, the word about our show will be spread.  From there I expect word of mouth to carry the message much further.  Our audience will be bigger than any traditional reality show.”

“Ok, ok you’ve obviously thought this through but can I plead for some audience involvement?  Please?”

“What do you have in mind?”

“Let them vote for when we release the serpent.”

Inspired by “Man and woman killed in Walsall shooting


  1. This is stunning, and the twist in the tail is just fabulous :D

    1. Thank you, glad you enjoyed it :-))