Wednesday, 6 June 2012

37: Day In Pictures

1: A young woman lies in bed, a double bed but she is alone.  The other side of the bed is crumpled, not made properly.  A coffee ring stains the bedside table furthest from her.

2: The young woman sits at a desk, black suit, crisp shirt, hair tied in a top-knot with no wisps escaping.  Files and papers are stacked on her desk.  A man, tall with greying hair, piles more papers in a tray on the edge of her desk.

3: Three men cluster around a coffee-machine, one pouring dark liquid into disposable cups.  They are sharing a joke, probably rude, and another mimes big tits for his friends.  The greying tall man looks on, paternally.  There is a woman in the background.

4: A herbal teabag tag is wrapped around the handle of a china mug on the young woman’s desk.  Her face is pink.  She looks down at her chest and checks her shirt buttons with one hand.

5: The young woman eats a homemade sandwich at her desk, a Satsuma ready for unpeeling.  Another woman, perhaps approaching middle age, eats a sandwich at her own desk in the opposite corner of the office.  Six men are pulling on jackets as they head out of the office together.

6: The young woman and the other woman have finished eating and both are shuffling through their piles of files and papers.  Their heads are turned towards each other, as if in conversation.

7: The young woman makes herbal tea for two in bright mugs.  The other woman refills the coffee pot.

8: Six men pull off jackets as they head into the office.  The greying man looks at the young woman.  She raises her hand to her chest but doesn’t look up.  One man heads towards the coffee pot with arm out-stretched.

9: Men and women pack up for the day.  The men are standing, almost ready to leave, all sharing a jovial conversation.  The young woman is putting a file and papers into a large bag.  The other woman is head down and reading.

10: The young woman is wearing a casual shirt and calf-length jeans.  She is barefoot, tucked up on a sofa, turning pages in a glossy magazine.  Her face appears anxious.  Low sun casts shadows through the room.

11: The young woman is opening a door into a hallway.  A coat stand holds only coats a woman would wear.  The tall man with greying hair is walking through the door.  His hand is reaching for the young woman’s arm.  His eyes are turned towards a door that is ajar, through which a double bed is visible.

12: The young woman lies in a double bed. She is naked, still visible in the darkening light.  The man with greying hair sits on the edge of the bed, back to the young woman.  He is dressed, pulling his shoes on.

13: The young woman lies alone in her double bed.  She looks at the moon visible through a gap in the curtains.  The other side of the bed is crumpled, not made properly.  There is no mug of coffee on either bedside table.

Inspired by "Day in Pictures" (BBC website every day)

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