Saturday, 23 June 2012

54 Creative Solutions

Some in government argue leaks are the new black.  Not so much in government, perhaps.  Maybe more around and about government, those seeking to influence government.  If you want to make something happen, draw attention to something happening or halt something planned, a well-timed leak could be your best weapon.

There is a hierarchy of leaking, based on a combination of how effective they are, how difficult they are to pull off and what kind of information is best leaked in that way.  Now I could tell you more about the hierarchy but that is my area of expertise and I can’t give away my secrets.  But I will give you my sales pitch, how about that?

My name is Bella Lee and I set up Creative Solutions 3 years ago.  I offer unique, bespoke solutions for organizations and individuals who seek to influence this country’s most senior decision makers.  I have access to many of the locations where decision making is really made, both personally and via a network of fully-vetted, discrete representatives.  Your concerns become my concerns and I will select the most effective strategy for securing your desired outcomes.  If I do not currently have a representative in your area of expertise, I will source one for you.

All of the risk will be assumed by Creative Solutions and our client list is never revealed – unless that is what you want and is part of our mutually agreed solution.  You will never be asked to undertake actions yourself, again unless this is the most appropriate solution.  Any information you provide to me to help formulate your particular solution will be treated in total confidentiality and all paperwork returned to you after completion of your project.

So what might I do for you?  I am able to source invitations to meetings, dinners and social gatherings.  I organize sponsors for nominations into influential positions.  I can facilitate access to information, both preferentially and in advance of public release.  I can arrange information to be released publically, in a variety of ways.  Importantly, I will organize publicity to ensure maximum benefit for any course of action deemed necessary.  After all, what use is a plan left on a photocopier if it is then found and filed again correctly, before anyone ever finds out?

I do not provide testimonials from previous clients, just as will not I disclose your details to others if we work together.  My satisfaction rate is extremely high and many of my clients return to me for repeat business.  Others refer direct to me, and I believe this to be the highest form of compliment in a business such as mine.

I cannot guarantee final decision making will go in your favour but I do guarantee you will play an influencing role you could otherwise miss out on.  However, if you choose not to use my services, I may be asked to arrange such a role for your competitors and adversaries.  I may even arrange a leak that affects you.  Can you take that risk?

Inspired by “Leaks and power plays in Vatican City”

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