Monday, 11 June 2012

42: World’s Oldest Fish

“Hey, Jen.  Know the number for Guinness Book of Records?”

“Why might I know something like that, Connor?  You ask some weird things but that’s got to be one of the oddest ever.”

“Well you know all kinds of stuff.  I thought you might, you know, know the number.”

“No, but I suppose it would be online somewhere.  Why do you need it anyway?”

“I want to register my fish.”

“What as?  Isn’t it just a normal fish?”

“It’s an old, old fish.  I think it’s the oldest in the world.”

“Connor, how old is your fish?  I didn’t even know you had a fish.”

“I got Flippy for my eighth birthday and he’s been with me ever since.  He’s on holiday with my Mum right now.”

“So, he’s what, fifteen?”

“Yep, at least.  Who knows how old he was when I got him.”

“Connor, I don’t think fish last that long.  Only a couple of years at best.  Are you sure it’s the same fish?”

“Of course.  I’d know him anywhere.  What a thing to say.”

“Well some parents have been known to replace a dead fish with a live one to save their children being upset.  I just meant maybe your Mum might have bought you a new Flippy over the years.”

“You’re thinking of my sister’s hamster, aren’t you?  Fluffy lived to be eight and she started white, had a couple of years of pale gold, and then went back to white but with a longer tail.  I think that was Mum but I never let on.”

“And Flippy never changed colour or shrank or anything?”

“Nope, he just sat there, looking at me, with his mouth open.”

“Well, I suppose it’s worth giving them a ring and asking.  Wow, imagine.  The oldest goldfish in the world!”

“He’s not a goldfish, Jen.”


“No, he’s a stuffed trout.”

Inspired by 'World’s Oldest Fish trap' found off coast of Sweden'

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