Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Introduction by Calum Kerr

Hello, and welcome to Mrs flash365 by Kath Lloyd, where Kath will be picking up my baton and posting a new flash-fiction every day for a year. You thought I was insane? Seems that I'm not alone!

But before I say anything more, let me declare my interest. Yes, Kath is my fiancée, partner, and future (for real) Mrs Flash365. So, yes, I will be around when these stories are being written (two ends of the same sofa, most probably) and I will be the one making the tea she drinks as she writes. But that's where my influence ends. This is not a thinly veiled way for me to do another year (God forbid!) but will be all her own work.

Why she's decided to take this on, only Kath can tell you. I hope it's because, despite the trials I went through in writing a story a day for a year, she saw that I really enjoyed writing the stories, got a lot out of both doing them and receiving your feedback, and because at the end of the year I reckon I am a much better writer than I was at the beginning.

That said, I already love her writing, and I'm sure you will too!

Anyway, that's enough from me. I just thought I'd say hi and wish Kath well in this endeavour. There will be no more from me. It's over to her now..

Kath? The stage is yours....

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