Thursday, 24 May 2012

24: 6 Things You Can Recycle

Wise words from grandma, redressed in your modern language, but the same good sense decades later.

The smile of a stranger on the street, friend or lover, the delight never diminishing even if it travelled round the world a thousand times.

Laughter, of children finding something to make them giggle, across continents, despite hardships and regardless of education, infectious and inspiring.

Friendship, shared between few or many, carrying people through dark times and providing scaffolding to the lives of so many of us.

Kindness, perfect for self-perpetuating, even the smallest act rendering the hardest heart glad and a little less cynical about our world.

Love, need I say more?  Without love, life is a pencil sketch of the oil masterpiece it should be.  Receive love wherever it is offered to you and forward it indiscriminately, especially to those who don’t have enough already and those who think they don’t need it.  They need it most.

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