Tuesday, 29 May 2012

29: Late Night Walk Home

It didn’t matter that she lived almost four miles from my house.  It didn’t matter that to get in for my curfew after I’d walked her home I had to run most of those four miles.  All that mattered was that she was safe and that she was mine.

We met in the lunch queue at the Sixth Form College that we both attend.  I was the gangly geek making Darth Vader noises for his friends.  She was the petite redhead asking whether the eggs were locally sourced and responsibly farmed.  She received a vacant look in reply and I was lost for words for the first of many times over the following months.

Anna was her name and she wasn’t in any of my classes.  She was a sciences student aiming for medical school, and despite my geeky leanings, I was a diehard historian.  In my mind she was Maid Marion and I dreamed of her with garlands of woodland flowers in her hair.  My mate Mark was in her chemistry group so I started to hang round outside the lab at the end of their lessons, waiting for him.

Then we went to a Halloween party and she was there.  I’d had a few drinks by the time I saw her, so I walked over, said hi and told her I liked her.  Mark and the others just stood there then started clapping.  I took her arm and steered her towards the drinks table before they could put her off and then we went outside to talk.

We have been together almost six months now and it’s great.  I never imagined someone like her would look at me.  She’s smart and funny and ethical and beautiful, and I do impressions of Star Wars characters.  Perhaps it’s true opposites attract.

She is so special I’d walk her home even if it was twice as far and I’d just run faster after.

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