Tuesday, 22 May 2012

22: Cliffs and Ditches

Nell:       What sort of time do you call this?
Penny:    Ah.  Hello.  Sorry.
Nell:       You were supposed to be home over an hour ago.  You know I can’t sleep unless I know you’re in.
Penny:    Sorry, I just didn’t notice the time.
Nell:       But you always say that.  What about that nice watch you’ve got?  The one Nan gave you for Christmas.
Penny:    It looks too much like a Nan watch.
Nell:       Charming.  Don’t you let her hear you say that or she’ll have you.
Penny:    Well it is.  But I’m here now.
Nell:       So how was the film?
Penny:    Good, yeah.  Long.
Nell:       That why you’re late?
Penny:    That and chatting after.  Gary was telling us about his new bike.
Nell:       Just telling?
Penny:    Yeah, course.
Nell:       So you didn’t have a ride?  Just watched the others have a spin?
Penny:    It was only round the car park.  Everyone else was having a go.
Nell:       If everyone else...
Penny:    No, I wouldn’t put my hand in the fire.  Or jump off a cliff.  And he had a spare helmet.
Nell:       I don’t care if he did.  What if you’d have fallen off and landed dead in a ditch.
Penny:    They don’t have ditches in the cinema car park.
Nell:       Well I’m off to bed.  I can see you’re in one of those moods, so I’ll leave you to it.  Lock up when you come up will you.  Don’t forget.
Penny:    OK, night love.  Oh and Nell?
Nell:       Yes Mum?
Penny:    Gary’s picking me up at 7.30 tomorrow.  Do you fancy a ride?

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