Monday, 21 May 2012

21: Light in the Box

In a clearing in a wood sits a light in the box.  Not everyone can see a light in the box, only the very lucky or the very unlucky.  Sometimes they are one and the same and nobody knows which they are until judgement time.

The legend is that a light in the box is a tiny wish made by a baby and whispered into the ear of an angel.  A happy wish and a sad wish and an angry wish all look the same but the box looks different depending on the wish lighting it.  The louder the glow, the happier the wish inside.

Any time the petal of a flower or the leaf of a tree or the kiss of a butterfly should fall into the box the wish becomes louder and happier.  If there was enough nature left, every light in the box wish in the world could become happy.  People won’t let there be enough nature for all the wishes to be happy and sometimes babies make sadder wishes these days anyway.

When mothers who sing to their babies before they are born they help to make light in the box wishes louder.  Fathers who sing too make them louder still.  Babies who hear no singing at all have sad wishes that hurt the angels’ ears.  Mothers and fathers sometimes forget the singing they heard as babies or maybe they also did not hear any singing.

Petals and leaves and butterflies can teach us the songs to sing.

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