Friday, 30 November 2012

214: 50 Shades of Greyhound

She was called Rosie and she was special.  Her owners loved her and children in the street stopped to pet her and the cats quite liked her, but she was a different kind of special.  She was the Greyhound of Destiny.  Sleek, adorable and rescued, she patrolled the streets hunting out wrongs to right.

It was her tongue that gave her the abilities she possessed.  She could be invisible to all but her target.  She knew who needed her help most and exactly when to give it.  And she knew just what to do to remedy the most dire of situations.  Defying gravity, Rosie’s tongue refused to obey the laws of physics and so did she.

That morning she was drawn to a car park, one outside a big food store.  There were a number of couples who arrive there whose relationships were on the brink of failure.  A couple would arrive together but may leave separately.  A man obsessed with lists may push his wife just too far this time.  Unfaithful lovers might plan to meet but should they carry on their liaison or return to their families?  A foolish young man might try to prove his love in the wrong way and lose the girl he should marry.

Rosie, Greyhound of Destiny knew in her worms where she should intervene.  He deserved a second chance to get it right.  They would be happier apart and he needed to be stood up to and they should both go home.  But he loves her and she loves him and they just need to understand each other a bit better.

Rosie darted out into the path of the speeding red car.  Nobody else could see her.  Nobody else knew why the boy swerved.  Nobody saw her glide to the side, avoiding the crunch of bumper on bumper.  Nobody would believe the boy.  He even wouldn’t be sure himself.

The Greyhound of Destiny would keep a watchful eye on Jake and Carly and might need to nudge him in the right direction once or twice more.  But she knew she had chosen well and that one day she might need to buy a special new greyhound hat.

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  1. Heather Het Payne2 December 2012 at 13:10

    Oh Kath it is FABULOUS! Rosie is now The Greyhound of Destiny - with her sticky out tongue! xxx