Saturday, 10 November 2012

194: Braking Suzy

“Thanks for taking me shopping Mum,” said Suzy.  “I need to get some bits and have a proper look around.  Barry always says he spends most of his time here so he doesn’t want to spend much time here when he’s not working.”

“That’s alright, love.  As long they let us use Barry’s staff discount card without him I might as well do my shopping here as anywhere else,” said her mother, April.

“Well when he’s got a proper job as a mechanic in a few years we won’t have his card any more.  But he should be earning enough extra to make up for it, and a bit more on top,” said Suzy.

They drove along in silence for a while, Suzy stroking her swollen belly and smiling to herself as she imagined the happy family life she, Barry and the baby had in store.  Yes, she was very happy and so much luckier than her big sister Debbie.  Even though they were carrying and due at about the same time, the sisters weren’t going through similar experiences at all.  Suzy lived with Barry, planned to marry once they had saved enough and this was their first baby.  Debbie lived in a high-rise flat with her three children, a fourth on the way and wasn’t even sure which of two men had fathered the baby.

April indicated at the roundabout for SupaValu’s car park.  A red Honda cut across from the opposite side, turning in front of the car without indicating and travelling far too fast to negotiate the junctions safely.  “Thank goodness we’re behind that idiot, not in front of him.  He’d probably have hit us going that fast.”

They pulled into the main car park and headed for the front of the store.  Although they didn’t quite have a child with them, Suzy used the parent and child spaces whenever she came here.  So far nobody had challenged her for only being pregnant.  As they rounded the front of the store, the red car was gathering speed and pulling further ahead of them.  In a split second there was a loud bang and April jammed on her brakes, throwing Suzy forward in her chair.  The red car had come to a sudden halt, hitting a blue car that was reversing out of a parking space. 

April looked at Suzy, concerned.  “Are you OK, love?  I just didn’t want to carry on and hit him too.  Sorry if I gave you a shock.”  She moved the car into the closest space and parked.

“I’m fine, Mum,” she said.  “Junior is a bit surprised but I’m OK.  No harm done.”  She rubbed her tummy.  “Calm down bubba.  You’re safe and sound.  No need to be so squirmy.”

“Maybe we should give shopping a miss for today Suzy?”

“I do need a few things.  We’re here now so we might as well go in.  But I think Junior would prefer it if we took it easy today, so can we just do a quick trip?”

April nodded, smiling, then helped Suzy with her seatbelt and opening her door.  Suzy walked to the doors a little more slowly than usual, glad to take the arm her mother offered and linking up as they walked.  In the shop she used a trolley at April’s insistence, just in case she felt dizzy or tried so there was something for her to lean against.  Suzy sent a text to Barry telling him about the cars outside.  He replied he’d heard them and wanted to come straight in to find her and take her to the doctor.  He was so sweet to be worried like that and Suzy showed April his next text: “OK no doctors, but I want your mum to take you and my bubba home right now.  Then into bed with tea and your book, no arguing!  Love you xxxx”

They finished off shopping and outside, the aftermath of the prang was all but cleared away.  Soon they were back at the flat and April insisted on taking Suzy inside and sending her to bed whilst she made her some tea.  Once Suzy was settled April kissed her and left.

Suzy sipped her drink and stroked her stomach.  “Just us now, baby.  Can’t wait for you to come and meet your Daddy.  You’ll love him so much.”  She smiled, then got out of bed and opened her wardrobe.  Inside was a bag of baby shopping and Suzy took it back to bed.  She looked through blue things and pink things, white vests and yellow tops, until she found a beautiful baby blue suit.

“This is the very first thing I bought you Baby,” she said.  “The day after I found out we were having you I saw it and knew it was perfect.”  Suzy snuggled down in bed holding the blue suit to her bump.  Junior had calmed from the adventure earlier and she slept, dreaming of how gorgeous the baby would look in his first outfit and what a lucky mummy she was going to be.

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