Monday, 26 November 2012

210: The Red Passenger’s Tale

You want to know what happened?  You and me both, mate.  Ha, I sound like Dad saying that, sound like an old git, LOL.  Well it was Jake’s idea to even go there, I didn’t reckon it was a good idea.  We’re not going be allowed in and fight this guy.  I said we had to be more clever than that, but he insisted, didn’t he. 

Said he’d heard his missus, Carly, had been seeing this guy regularly.  He wanted to warn him off, didn’t he, tell him to leave his girl alone.  She’s a good girl is Carly, far too good for Jake if truth be told.  He’s my brother and I love him, but he’s not all that like he thinks.  I tried to tell him if he might scare her off if he gets heavy.

I don’t think she’s the sort who would cheat on him, but she is the sort who would flip if she knew he’d been threatening guys.  She hates violence and she’s told him before.  Right hot headed he gets and I’ve heard her telling him to calm down more than once.  He’s always fighty after a few beers but usually that early in the day he’s sleeping off the night before.  Today something really got to him.  I think he might have had a text or something.

He’s stomping round in the kitchen and slamming doors, so what choice do I have but to get up too.  Then he says he’s off to find the SupaValu **** who is trying to nick his missus.  I couldn’t talk him out of it so I said he had to bring me along, to look out for him.  We’re never going to be allowed to wander through a supermarket hunting a guy we don’t even know what he looks like.  I tell him in the car, try to get him to turn back.  But he says he has a mate works there that can let us in round the delivery entrance.  That little toad Steven I expect, he’s likely to be encouraging him to track this guy down.

As we drive there, Jake is getting more and more worked up, shouting about what he’s going to do to this guy when he finds him, who does he think he is seeing his girl.  His face is all red and his hands on the wheel are gripped white.  I tell him to slow down, that he’s going to fast, but he didn’t hear me.  The open roads are one thing but he’s still tearing along when we get near to the supermarket.  And on into the car park.  Which is when it happens.

It’s like he didn’t even see the old girl and her car backing out.  She didn’t look either but he should have stopped before.  Could have if he was going slower.  Then he went really quiet, still holding onto the wheel.  Only his face moved, twitched a bit.  He didn’t say anything, just got out of the car and went to look at the front wing, see the damage.  I don’t think he got to talk to the woman before you came over.

Sorry mate, who are you again?  Just you writing it all down, I never said you could do that.  You the police or something?  It was all her fault, that other driver.

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