Tuesday, 28 August 2012

120: Sunshine

We painted the window to see what it would do to the sunshine.  It was white paint, gloss I think.  Cherry got it for 95p in the charity shop for homeless one-legged dogs.  They threw in a paintbrush for free because it was matted worse than one of them dogs.

One edge of the lid was rusted and I had to use Grandad’s screwdriver to prise it off.  There were little brown flakes settled on the surface of the paint.  Cherry got a bit of stick from the garden and stirred to make them disappear but they were still there.

We didn’t have a ladder so we had to reach up as high as we could to paint the top of the window.  Cherry said she’s 1.5 inches taller than me so she did the highest bits but she left lots of gaps.  The clumps in the bristles made it harder too.  The glass was too shiny and the paint streaked all over the surface.   I grabbed the brush and balanced on the window sill.

I wished we’d taken the curtains down because they got stuck on the painty glass.  The window had a pretty weavy pattern on it but the curtain looked spoilt.  I decided to leave the pattern and work on the rest of the window.  Brushing side to side was much easier than up and down.  My arm got very tired but I used the other hand to hold it up and I finished.

White is supposed to make stuff lighter but the room was much darker now.  Even the spaces between the strokes and the gaps Cherry had missed didn’t let in much light.  We could see a patch of blue sky and a cloud like a lion and even the sun, but our room was like dusk.  I turned the light on.  It was still dingy.

I tried to pick bits of rust off the paint but they stuck behind my fingernails, glued there by the paint.  I drew a smiley face in the white and so did Cherry.

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