Monday, 27 August 2012

119: Red Carpet

Silas bought the carpet precisely because he knew it wasn’t to everyone’s tastes.  It was too gaudy for a movie premiere, too tomatoey for a hotel lobby, too cheap lipstick for a ballroom.  Plus it was £3 per square metre, very good for tufted wool.

He measured up the lounge and the hallway and was delighted to find those would cost him under £100.  So he measured up the dining room and the bedrooms and the bathroom.  He could re-carpet the whole house for a couple of hundred quid.

Silas placed his order at the shop, buying enough to carpet his entire house twice over.  He had half cut into the correct sizes for his rooms.  The remainder he left in a long roll for storage in his garage.

He didn’t take up the offer of free fitting nor did he want the delivery men to take his old carpets away.  He could manage those, thank you.  He would relish the chance to do a bit of DIY himself.

Anyway, he didn’t want anyone asking awkward questions about what those dark patches staining the floorboards were as they ripped up the old Wilton.  This red would be exactly the right shade that splatter would never show. 

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