Friday, 24 August 2012

116: Night Flight

Although you can't tell for sure, she does know it's almost time. She knows you're here, feels your hot, strong hand holding hers and gently stroking the creped skin. When you were young she held your little hand with the same devotion and the prayer that if she could just hold on long enough, nothing bad would ever happen to you. The same prayer you have now.

Your presence gives her strength for the journey and she is not afraid. True, she doesn't want to go but she knows she must. She knows she will see those who have travelled on ahead of her and that one day, you will join her there too. Her mind is calm and she is happy, but she will miss you. Her only regret is missing you.

If she could speak now she would tell you how perfect her life became when you joined it. How she looked into your crib as you slept, brushing sweat-stuck hair back from your forehead. How she kissed each tiny fingernail and toenail in turn. How she wanted to wake you and tell you that entire the world was just for you. How letting you out into the world was the most immaculate pain a woman can feel.

Her wish is you will know when the time is right and you will not stop her. She trusts there will be no pain and she will not be alone. She feels your love and will take it with her.

Know one thing. You made her proud every single day.

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