Saturday, 18 August 2012

110: Happy Hour

Dennis is unhappy. Maybe not quite unhappy, but he is not, you know, happy. His mouth does not have turny up ends. His lips go straight across, thin but not stretched, and show just the tips of his teeth when he is talking. His eyes do not have twinkles in, even though they are alert and follow that girl as she walks to the table and sits down. There are no creased bits in the skin round his eyes. His nose is just normal and does not hint at happiness or unhappiness. It's just a nose and not the cute sort with a button or that crinkles up.

Dennis has been thinking about this for a long time. He decided this would be a way to be happy. Happy for sixty minutes at least. And maybe it would overshoot into an hour and a half. And if he came here often maybe it would become a habit and he could be happy all day.

Happy hour starts in five minutes so Dennis has arrived early to find a comfortable spot not to miss the action. He has no idea what will happen and he is nervous. What if it hurts? What if there are too many people for all the happy to go round. What if he can't be happy, even here?

It is time. No bell rings. No people speak out or perform. There is no special music or sign of any sort that the happiness is about to begin. Dennis sits quietly, not sure what is supposed to happen, wondering if perhaps it is just a little late tonight. Dennis think perhaps it just comes on somehow, with nothing to see. Perhaps it is just because it is his first time.

So he sits and he waits for the happy to start.

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