Monday, 25 February 2013

301: Animal Farmville

Mr Jackson decided to build a pigpen on his farm.  He worked hard earning wood and materials and borrowing the extras that he needed from his neighbours.  Some gave him gifts of a brick or a board and soon enough he had enough to build his pigpen.  He finished it in record time and found a Little Green Boar inside.  He treated himself to a nice beer and a curry, as a reward for working so hard.

The next day Mr Jackson worked on his farm again.  He hunted for truffles and looked for materials to build an extension.  He saved up to buy a sow and he put her into the pigpen with the Little Green Boar.  He hoped they would breed and give him a piglet, and he rewarded his hard work with a nice beer and a pizza.

Over time, Mr Jackson bred lots of piglets and harvested lots of truffles from his pigpen.  But now he was bored of farming every day which turned out to be very hard work.  Sometimes he forgot to feed the piglets and plant his crops and milk the cows.  His flowers wilted and there wasn’t enough water for all his crops and livestock to drink.  He watched TV and drank nice beer to forget how hard farming was.

The Little Green Boar and his friend Pot Bellied Pig saw that the farm was failing and although some of the neighbours helped, the pigs realized they were on their own.  Little Green Boar and Pot Bellied Pig decided they would assume charge of the farm instead of Mr Jackson.  If a 2-legs could run a farm, surely two 4-legs could do it so much better.

They organized work rotas and gave all of the animals on the farm their own jobs to do.  Little Green Boar and Pot Bellied Pig did not have jobs of their own because running the farm was a very hard job.  They worked hard and before bed each night they each had a nice drink of beer, then slept well at night knowing their friends were cared for and nobody was starving or thirsty.  

One day Little Green Boar and his friend Pot Bellied Pig had an argument about running the farm.  Little Green Boar thought he should be leader because he had been on the farm the longest and Pot Bellied Pig thought he should be leader because he was stronger and wasn’t green.  Whoever heard of a green pig running a farm?  Each pig began sneaking about trying to cajole the other animals into supporting his own leadership bid and opposing his enemy’s.

Half of the animals supported Little Green Boar and half supported Pot Bellied Pig.  They did not trust each other to hold a fair vote so they decided they should fight for the leadership.  The cockerel would referee the fight and whoever knocked out his opponent would win.  He would be declared leader of the farm, which would be renamed after him.  The whole farm was buzzing with excitement at the thought of it.  It was the most 2-legs thing that had ever happened.

The fight was set for the next day and both Little Green Boar and Pot Bellied Pig were getting ready for the fight.  The cockerel had sent a message to Mr Jackson, inviting him to come and watch.  Now Mr Jackson had completely forgotten about his farm because he had been so busy with TV and beer and food, but the cockerel's message reminded him what fun he had when he farmed.  He decided maybe he should try again and this time be more dedicated to his farm, so his livestock and his crops did not fail.

Mr Jackson had one more beer and realized he wasn’t very good at farming animals.  Flowers were much more his sort of thing, so he tore down the pigpen and sold the pigs to his neighbours, then he ploughed his land and planted funny little seeds that popped up as bottles and candy canes.  He kept just one pig, the Little Green Boar, and he set him to graze amongst the flowers.  

Sadly pigs cannot eat bottles or candy canes and so he faded away into a pile of green pixels which eventually blinked out altogether.

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