Thursday, 21 February 2013

297: The Sound of Music

Music became his theme.  Every time there had to be something playing on the background.  At first it was an accident or maybe even just a coincidence.  He couldn’t really remember how it had started but he knew he would always carry it on.

It surprised him that there was so rarely any reports of the music playing.  He long ago realized it might be useful to cover up any other noises and sometimes it was really quite loud.  If he could he used their own music but he did had a small player and travel speaker that he took with him just in case.

His favourite were showtunes, the sort of thing that got your blood pumping and you could really sing along too.  He had a good, deep voice and often joined in, especially towards the end.  They also served to wrong-foot people too.  He considered playing ominous music like in horror or suspense films and he did try that once.  It wasn’t half as effective though when she ran and almost reached her front door.  A few more feet and she would have escaped.

No, something nice by Gene Kelly or Lesley Carroll or Julie Andrews was much more his style.  One day he might think about choosing the songs to fit the people he chose, but not today.  Today he was going with ‘My Favourite Things’ and he had a hunting knife, some stout rope and a stun gun with him.  And funnily enough, those probably are some of my favourite things, he thought to himself as he fell into step with the girl who had just called goodbye to her friends to walk home alone.

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