Saturday, 16 February 2013

292: Psycho

I am psycho.  Not the psycho you know from the newspapers or from films.  I don’t scream at you like a headline or wear a freaky mask so you can spot me in a crowd.  I am a real psycho.

Are you scared of me?  Most people are scared of psychos and we’re dangerous people right?  I’m just like that.  I work in a cafe and I might make your coffee a bit too hot, so watch out for your lips.  I work in a shop and I might put all of your shopping into one bag instead of two.  Imagine the lop-sidedness I can cause.  I am at your school gate when you fetch your children and I sometimes park taking up two spaces.  My kid and me will be back in our car before you because you have to walk that little bit further.  Sorry.

See what a risk to society I am?  Me and my parking and my drink-making and my bag-packing.  And don't forget to add in all the other psycho stuff I do like reading books, watching tv, walking my dog, baking cakes for school fetes.  Once I spent two weeks in a small hotel by the seaside in Cornwall too.

True, there were voices, but they were never about you.  They were about me and how bad I was at life.  For a while there I looked weird and acted a bit weird too.  Maybe it might happen again one day, who knows.  But I have medicines to help me now and a plan to help me then, if there is a then.  

And don’t worry, you won’t be in danger.  Only I will be.  Because I am a real psycho.  We’re just like you.

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