Monday, 11 February 2013

287: The Graduate

Melanie never has to worry about what to wear when she gets up and prepares for the day.  She has her uniform to wear, corporate identifying clothes to make her feel like one of the team.  One big happy family and luckily, no morale-building song to learn and croon out at the whim of a manager.  She has to launder it herself but she has just discovered she could get a small tax rebate for doing so.  The oily smell does cling to the material and she hates putting greasy clothes on the next day.

Melanie hopes that soon she will earn enough to pay tax, so that she can get it back.

Kevin would have to worry about what to wear when he gets up and prepares for the day, but he only has one suit so it will be that.  He has three shirts so maybe some choice comes in there, but they were a pack of 3-for-£20 white easy-iron from M&S so the choice is at best left, right or centre.  He picks the one with the least fraying to the collar and wonders how long before he really does have to buy another pack.

Kevin wonders if aging shirts is what keeps him in the office junior role he has held for two years.

Gary has three suits and shirts in a myriad of pastel colours.  He is not interested in choice so selects whichever shirt is at the front of the wardrobe, to wear with this week’s suit.  He has a cappuccino maker and a dishwasher and a bit of a view.  His flat is new and still smells of paint in the back of the airing cupboard.  Gary spends his days reading old cases and making tea for clients, none of which are billable to him.  Sometimes he goes to court with a senior partner but only if someone is ill.  He carries things around a lot.

Gary hopes his father won’t want to sell before he learns some practical law and moves up a grade.

Sadie wears silk and spends all day trying not to crush it too badly.  Jewel colours bring out the blue in her eyes and sometimes it is she that says so to others.  Although her timekeeping is loose at best, she attends client meetings and presents pitches and has first pick of samples.  Her ideas are not the most original but she shows some promise, definitely.  And her rise through the company hierarchy is assured anyway.  When did someone like her need to understand everything that went on to make it to Head of Client Liaison.  Or whichever division she decides on.

Sadie is glad Daddy owns the company and finishes early so she can get waxed.

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