Monday, 31 December 2012

245: Ring Out Your Dead

It’s hard to kill anyone, not like it looks on TV.  So killing three people, all at the same time, without anyone noticing, in a small Hampshire village?  Close to impossible, I’d say.  But that’s what I need to do and I have to do it tonight.  That’s my deadline.

I don’t want to say too much about why because that would do nobody any good.  I need to get rid of them for, let’s say, business reasons.  They want something, I want something else as does the group of people I work for.  It so often does come down to money in the end, doesn’t it?  And if I get rid of them so my people can get there way, I’ll make good money. Make a killing, you could say. 

And my people getting their way means they are happy with me and I get more work.  Hopefully not all finishing people off, but I can handle that sometimes.  I prefer menacing really.  It’s much less hassle to set up and you don’t need any special gear.  I’ve had to find a good high-powered rifle for this job, untraceable of course, and one that I’m comfortable shooting with.  Luckily I know this guy in London, who knows a guy.

It has to be tonight because once the New Year business starts they plan to award a contract that will very much disadvantage my people.  And we know they will all be at the party tonight, along with just about everyone else in the village and their special guests and business acquaintances. 

Having so many people about will be perfect cover for me.  I’m invited like everyone else, so it’s legit that I’m here.  But the other few hundred people could end up suspects too couldn’t they, especially when I have half a dozen people ready to swear they saw in New Year with me at their sides.

So here’s my plan.  At midnight there will be fireworks let off as soon as the twelve chimes ring out.  Everyone heads outside a few minutes before midnight when the church bells start to peal.  Then the clock chimes midnight, strikes twelve times and immediately afterwards ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ starts playing, accompanied by ten minutes of fireworks and considerable quaffing of celebratory champagne.

As the peals begin I will go outside with the crowds, but slip away towards the church.  There is a small window at second floor level that will give me enough height to see everyone as they celebrate outside, that will appear in shadow when looking back at the church.  I’ve already stashed my rifle with a night scope behind some old storage units there and I reckon I’ll have about eight minutes to get to the window, sort out my gun and be ready for midnight. 

I’ll have twelve chimes to cover my shots, which should leave me nine spare chimes.  But if there is a problem, I’ll have the fireworks for a few minutes after.  And in the crowds I’ll be able to slip back into the throng celebrating 2013 without even being missed.

There’ll be more than the clock ringing out tonight and I’m damn good at my job.

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