Friday, 28 December 2012

242: Hidden Depths

I’m sick of people saying I’m shallow because I’m not.  I have hidden depths, things nobody knows about.  Maybe I should start telling them about the real me.

I’m not vain and the reason I spend so long on my appearance is because when I look good, I feel good.  I feel good about myself.  And when I feel good about myself, I can make others feel good about themselves too.  Imagine the boost to a girl’s confidence if she gets to go out with me.  The guys get known as having that good looking dude as one of their mates.  Even work colleagues get a kick out of knowing I’m on their team.  So if I didn’t do it, everyone else would suffer too.

I’m not big-headed and the reason I share my opinion so widely is to help others.  Seriously, none of it is for me.  Isn’t it some kind of unethical if I don’t help people when I know the answer to something?  Or if I can see they are doing things the wrong way and I know a better way?  I couldn’t keep that kind of stuff to myself, not in good conscience.  I like helping people.  Mr Altruism, that’s me.

And I’m not tight-fisted.  The reason I let other people buy me things and get meals and drinks is because they want to.  It’s like a reward I suppose for all the good feelings I give them.  The lads get seen out with me, they get a better reputation and maybe more girls, so they want to buy me a beer as a thank you.  They know what I drink and so often the beer is sat there for me when I get back from the toilet or taking a call or whatever.  And women, they buy me gifts a lot.  Can I help that?  I don’t want to throw it back in their faces and appear ungrateful.  That would make them feel bad about themselves and that’s not what I’m all about.

See, there’s so much more to me isn’t there.  I’m thoughtful, caring, giving and a good person.  I never say they’re lucky to have me even though that is pretty much fact.  I suppose there will always be some jealousy about with someone like me and it’s something I am a big enough man to take.

But I do want them to get me, to understand the real me.

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